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Irrawaddy College is offering a bespoke learning service for employers and large organisations .We will create your own content for a range of courses that will be uniquely relevant to your firm and sector.

In addition we will offer high quality courses on anything your employees need to learn .Whether your organisation are creating products, web assets, print collateral developing AI concepts or marketing -digital or traditional, we can develop content that ensures that your employees are receiving cutting -edge skills to keep you ahead of your competition.

Everyday new courses are created by our courses provider Udemy .Their content team actively monitor course reviews, topic demand, specific customer requests and student feedback to select the top rated and highest quality courses as part of the Irrawaddy College business collection.

This model allows Irrawaddy College to deliver new courses as quickly as industry trends change and emerge.We add new courses every month and remove outdated courses so that your employees can always trust and rely on what they are learning .

On Irrawaddy College you can activate your own learning account, add your organisation’s logo and chose your own background .

You can select your own URL for your organisation and customise user groups for easier organisation tracking and enable users to customise their individual profiles with pictures and bios.

Talk to Irrawaddy College today for all your HR and Training needs and we will help you to manage your team’s learning success.

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