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Irrawaddy College are delighted to see our new Asia platform is live and offering careers, education and skills options to our user base in Asia .

Back 4 Good – Your future in Asia is now in over 25 countries including ,

. China
. Myanmar
. Japan
. Vietnam
. India
. Mtaylasia
. Thailand
. Cambodia
. Bangladesh

and many more.

Our unique concept of bringing significant numbers of top talent to each location is now support with our plans to offer virtual recruitment show throughout the country with shortlisted candidates presented for interview at these shows and with relocation and contract services managed by Back 4 Good .

On the e-learning site our e-college will now be available in over 25 countries in Asia which allows us to expand our offer to a user base of over 2 billion people .

We will continue to offer first class courses and exceptional rates fully certified .

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